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Congratulations on the purchase of Blink QI Wireless Charger!
We ask that you carefully read the following instruction manual and follow it when installing the charging station. 

1. Supported devices

The wireless charging station Blink functions normally with all devices that support QI wireless charging. If your mobile device does not support QI wireless charging, you can solve this problem by purchasing a QI receiver, that allows your mobile device to be charged by wireless charging stations.
For a list of all devices that currently support QI charging please refer to this link:

2. Installation

  • Remove any protective films that might be on the product.
  • Place the wireless charging station on a flat surface.
  • Insert the provided Micro USB cable into the charging station, the other end to the power source (computer, wall adapter). Use an adapter with at least 2.4A output power.
  • After successfully connecting, the LED indicator located on the front of the station blinks green and blue alternately
  • Charging commences after you place your device on the wireless station, and the LED indicator turns blue.


  • Do not squeeze or deliberately damage the charging station.
  • Do not disassemble or exposte the station to liquids or open flames.
  • Do not use in hot, humid or corrosive environments.
  • Do not expose magnetic cards with a magnetic tape or a chip to the charging station.
  • Keep all implanted medical devices (pacemakers,...) at least 20cm away from the charging station.
  • Disconnect the charger from the power supply before cleaning.
  • The ambient temperature in which the charging station should be used is between 0°C and 45°C.

If the station is overheating, charges slowly or has stopped charging at all, these following factors may be responsible:

  • The power source does not meet the required charging standards.
  • The charging cable does not meet the required charging standards, use the charging cable included in the package or another cable with the same charging capabilities.
  • The protective cover on your device is too thick (the recommended thickness is 2mm).
  • Your phone is not in the center of the charging station.
  • A metal plate or a magnet is on the back of the mobile device or cover.

3. Technical specifications

Charging Standard: Standard QI
Power Charge: up to 10W
Input: 5V=2A / 9V=1.67A
Voltage: 9V=1.1A / 5V=1A
Distance: up to 4mm
Efficiency: ≥ 72%
Certificates of conformity: CE / FCC / RoHS

4. Safety notices

  • Product is compliant with the RoHS, WEE and CE directives.
  • The symbol on the side (crossed out trash bin) warns the product must not be disposed alongside other household waste, but should be disposed of at a collection center. The list of collection centers is provided to you by your public waste disposal service.
  • During charging the product may emit heat. While it may get warm it should never get too hot.
  • Keep the device away from sources of heat and direct sunlight exposure. If the devices starts to overheat, transfer it to a colder place and do not use it until it cools down.
  • Do not leave the device in places where the temperature may exceed 45°C.
  • When exposed to excessive temperatures, the lifetime of the device may be reduced.
  • If the product gets wet stop charging immediately and dry the product thoroughly.
  • Beware of excessive drops, dents, holes and deformations.
  • Contains small particles that may present a choking hazard.
  • Do not open or repair the damaged product, as there is a risk of electric shock.
  • If uncertain how to proceed, please turn off the device and contact our support.
  • Use attached components to get the best experience.
  • #01 PET - Polyethylene terephthalate

Additional safety informating for safe use and extending product life:

  • We advise you to use a ventilation slot holder in the hottest months, which will position the device away from the direct sun.
  • Do not leave the device while charging at places exposed to direct sunlight.
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