Heads-Up-Display Zeemax - EN


Congratulations on the purchase of Zeemax Heads-Up Display! We ask that you carefully read the following instruction manual and follow it when installing the heads-up display.

1. Installation

  • Locate the provided nut bolt and the lower mounting plate.
  • Clean the surface where you wish to mount you Zeemax. Recommended you clean with both the wet and dry cloth.
  • Remove the protective layer on the bottom of your mounting plate and secure it to your dashboard. Press firmly.
  • Secure your Zeemax Heads-Up Display to the mounting plate.
  • Adjust the angle of the glass board, depending on your preferences.
  • Place your phone on the anti-skid surface, open your navigation system and enjoy your ride.

Does this work for all navigation apps?

Zeemax only works with apps that have HUD settings, which means the orientation is flipped to be properly reflected.There are numerous apps you can use with Zeemax we suggest using HUDWAY Go.

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hudway-go-navigation-with-hud/id1080193989?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hudway.online

Some other apps you can use are HUD Widgets, Speedometer, Navmii, Sygic, and more.

2. Troubleshooting

Please refer below for troubleshooting:

Problem 1.
The display is barely or poorly visible.

Possible cause 1.
Remove the protective foil from the glass board
or Adjust the angle of the glass board.

Problem 2.
My phone keeps falling off the mat.

Possible causes 2.
Remove the protective layer from the mounting plate.
or Re-position the heads-up display so it lays flat on your dashboard.

3. Technical specifications

Weight: 115g
Gross Weight: 274g
Size: 160*98*94 mm

4. Safety notices

  • Product is compliant with the RoHS, WEE and CE directives.
  • The symbol on the side (crossed out trash bin) warns the product must not be disposed alongside other household waste, but should be disposed of at a collection center. The list of collection centers is provided to you by your public waste disposal service.
  • Beware of excessive drops, dents, holes and deformations.
  • Contains small particles that may present a choking hazard.
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