Sphereo True Wireless Earbuds - EN


Congratulations on the purchase of Sphereo True Wireless Earbuds! We ask that you carefully read the following instruction manual and follow it when using the Earbuds.

1. Installation

  • Take both Earbuds out of the case and re-insert them to activate them.
  • Take them out again, they will automatically power on and pair with each other.
  • The right Earbud automatically enters pairing mode when the LED light on the left Earbud turns off.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device and search for QCY-T1_R.
  • Tap to connect to both Earbuds.

2. Functions

Single Earbud re-connection

  • Power on single Earbud, the LED will turn white.
  • Press the Multi function button (MFB) to reconnect to the last device.

Charging the Earbuds

  • Insert the Earbuds into the charging case, being mindful that the pins are overlapping.
  • LED will glow red while charging and will turn white for 60s once fully charged.

Charging the case

  • Charge case via provided USB cable.
  • LED will glow green while charging and will turn off once fully charged.

Playback/Pause: Press the MFB to pause or to continue playing.
Skip forward/backward: Double press the MFB on right or left Earbud to skip tracks.
Voice assistant: When in standby mode, hold the MFB for 1s to activate your voice assistant (Siri, Alexa...).

3. Troubleshooting

Problem 1.
Can not successfully pair Earbuds and my mobile device.

Possible solution 1.
Power off both Earbuds and hold the MFB button on both devices for 20s. Turn them on again by holding the MFB button and the Earbuds will pair with each other automatically. The right Earbud will enter pairing mode, search for QCY-T1_R and tap to connect.
OR The earbuds are not in pairing mode. When turning them back on the LED blinks red and white. After they auto connect it stops blinking on the left but continues on the right.

4. Technical specifications

  • Model T1
  • Bluetooth distance: up to 10m
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Charging time: up to 2h
  • Standby time: up to 120h
  • Music time: 4h
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Capacity (Earbuds): 43mAh
  • Capacity (charging case): 380mAh

5. Safety notices

  • Product is compliant with the RoHS, WEE and CE directives.
  • The symbol on the side (crossed out trash bin) warns the product must not be disposed alongside other household waste, but should be disposed of at a collection center. The list of collection centers is provided to you by your public waste disposal service.
  • During charging the product may emit heat. While it may get warm it should never get too hot.
  • Keep the device away from sources of heat and direct sunlight exposure. If the devices starts to overheat, transfer it to a colder place and do not use it until it cools down.
  • Do not leave the device in places where the temperature may exceed 45°C.
  • When exposed to excessive temperatures, the lifetime of the device may be reduced.
  • If the product gets wet, stop charging immediately and dry the product thoroughly.
  • Beware of excessive drops, dents, holes and deformations.
  • Do not open or repair the damaged product.
  • Do not store in extreme temperatures (under 0°C or over 45°C).
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or strong detergents to clean the headset.
  • If uncertain how to proceed, please turn off the device and contact our support.

Additional safety informating for safe use and extending product life:

  • We advise you to use a ventilation slot holder in the hottest months, which will position the device away from the direct sun.
  • Do not leave the device while charging at places exposed to direct sunlight.
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